Pulmonary disease and lung cancer

The lungs' airways and other pulmonary structures are affected by CRDs. The most common ones include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Air pollution, exposure to chemicals and dusts at work, and recurrent lower respiratory infections in children are other risk factors in addition to tobacco smoke. Although CRDs cannot be cured, there are numerous treatments that can assist expand the airways and reduce shortness of breath, which can help control symptoms and enhance everyday life for persons with these disorders.
Lung cancer can also deveop in lymph nodes and in other body organs. Such as the brain. There are potential risks associated with lung cancer spreading to other organs. A metastasis is the spread of cancer cells between organs.
Small cell and non-small cell lung tumors are the two primary subtypes that are typically recognised (including adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma). Various therapies are available to treat these different types of lung cancer. It is more common to develop non small cell lung cancer than small cell lung cancer.

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