Research Contribution and Achievement

The conference offers emerging scholar awards to outstanding researchers, exceptional graduates or early academicians who have distinctive enthrallment towards the conference themes. The Award strives in providing a strong professional development opportunity for early career academicians—meeting experts in the field, interacting with colleagues from other parts of the world, and creating networks and long-term relations.


  • Expert Level (Scientific Service Achievement Award)
  • Expert level Award is contributed to who have presented their work in a passionately and highly skilfully on the arena of Tuberculosis-2020 and Lung Disease . It is the most exalted and distinguished award of the entire conference and it is noted as a Scientific Service Achievement award. The entry level eligibility for this award is that one should have a minimum of 20+ years of experience in the respective area public or corporate Sector. This award is purely dedicated to the one who engrosses the attention of the audience with his/her fascinated and the current challenging research towards the subject. Anyone can propose this award through online.

  • Professional Level (The Research Contribution Award)
  • This award is solely counselled to the skilled specialists, educational researchers, publishers within the field of Tuberculosis-2020 and Engineering either public or industrial sector specialists. This niche gathering having a minimum criterion within the analysis data of 10+years of expertise on the on top of space with most relevant accomplishments. Part-time analysis expertise would be counted as pro-rata. It’s calculated starting from the date you obtained the (first) degree entitling you to begin an instructional degree (Doctorate), notwithstanding a doctor's degree was ne'er started or envisaged. You’ll advocate the noteworthy skilled through on-line

  • Scholar Level (The Upcoming Researcher Award)
  •  This class offers to the Young and economical students, Young researchers, forthcoming scientists, masters having 10+years analysis expertise within the domain of Tuberculosis-2020 and Lung Disease. The most theme of this conference is to bring the international professionals and specialists sitting underneath the common roof to expand their network. The time length underneath this class is 25-20 minutes of speech on the tutorial and research project topics supported the difficult sessions. we will directly nominate this award through on-line.


  • Women Scientist (The Women of Science Award)
  • Our conference has advocate to encourage the ladies scientists within the science and technology field. Through this endeavour of this award, conjunct efforts are created to administer girls a powerful foothold into the scientific profession. Women area unit a very important section of the hands additional notably within the science and analysis. Our main motive is to uplift the inner hidden talent and data to pursue the Tuberculosis& Lung Disease analysis in frontier areas of science and analysis. we have a tendency to welcome all the ladies students, scientists, researchers from Universities/industries who area unit having minimum of +10 years of expertise to affix during this forum. we have a tendency to wholeheartedly welcome all the gifted and dynamic girls professionals. Anyone will propose this award through on-line

  • Outstanding speaker in Tuberculosis 2020
  •  This award is recognizing for a private who will gift, strategies, and schemes that area unit enforced to reinforce long excellence in medicine. we will directly nominate this award through on-line.


  • Best Keynote Speaker in Tuberculosis 2020
  • This class of award encourages for best keynote speakers who can gift their latest researchers, industrial project concepts, schemes, that will be permissible to enhance the long-term excellence within the arena of Tuberculosis-2020 and Lung Disease. This may be benefited to you and your business. Contemplate taking this advantage of the chance of this award. Meriting of this award is going to be judged by the audience through on-line.


  • Best Poster Presentation in Tuberculosis 2020
  • Student Poster Competition is organized at Conference, to encourage students and up to date graduates to gift their original analysis. All accepted abstracts are going to be bestowed at the poster sessions throughout the conference. Conference Series aims at setting a platform for all the budding scientists and researchers to gift their period of time work and share their views and aspects associated with the theme of the conference. You’ll nominate somebody meriting of the award through on-line.


  • Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation in Tuberculosis 2020
  • This award is recognizing for Masters/Ph.D./Post doctor's degree thesis work Presentation who can gift their comes and thesis that are enforced to enhance long excellence within the field of Tuberculosis-2020 and Lung Disease. you'll nominate meriting of the award through on-line. You’ll nominate somebody meriting of the award through on-line.


    • Nomination Submissions are to be scrutinized by the Organizing Committee Members for the Conference and the Editorial Board Members of the Associated Journals.
    • Filing of Nomination does not guarantee the Award, Each nomination submitted has to go through the mentioned scrutiny process.
    • Self-Nominations are also welcomed.